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Glandular Fever Help Services offers advice, support and direction in the management of ones health and energy after glandular fever, including troubles such as:
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  A description of glandular fever symptoms with useful links for help and more information. 

(infectious mononucleosis symptoms)

Caused by the Epstein barr virus (E.B.V), glandular fever's correct name is infectious mononucleosis. In the United States and Canada it is known as mononucleosis. Glandular Fever is also known, less commonly as Pfeiffer's Disease. Note: Infectious mononucleosis is the real name for glandular fever, although it is also referred to as mononucleosis, mono, Pfeiffer's disease or indeed Epstein barr Virus (as this is the virus which commonly causes glandular fever, along with CMV). 

If problems persist after the acute phase has passed it may be referred to as post viral fatigue syndrome. For the purposes of my work, I refer to it as post (viral) glandular fever fatigue syndrome (i.e. a chronic fatigue syndrome initiated from a bout of glandular fever).

My name is Gina Burton, and I suffered from Glandular Fever (known as mononucleosis in the US) at the age of 17. I seemed to have every symptom possible:

  • swollen ulcerated tonsils (white blobs on the tonsils)
  • pains around the spleen area
  • jaundice (raised liver enzymes)
  • high temperature
  • excessive fatigue
  • pains under the armpits and around the lymph nodes in the groin
  • excessive sweating

Most of the acute glandular fever symptoms disappeared after about 3 months . . . but over the next few years I never really felt 100% (sort of around 75 - 80%)

Anybody having experienced a particularly bad bout of Glandular Fever will understand exactly what I am talking about !!

  • fatigue not satisfied by sleep.
  • recurrent tonsil blobbing (white blobs on the tonsils)
  • chronic and recurrent sore throats.
  • strange pains in all different parts of the body.
  • not being able to stand lots of noise, people or strong smells (perfume, cleaning materials etc.) .
  • and many many stranger symptoms (pins and needles, cold hands and feet, not feeling all there . . . )
  • digestive troubles (bloating, IBS symptoms . . . )
see more post and on-going glandular fever symptoms on glandular fever information site.

The pattern of energy would fluctuate, so that for a few days or weeks I would feel normal, then, without warning I would suffer a big energy slump, with the overriding symptom of chronic fatigue and the return of bouts of symptoms (sore throats, blobby tonsils, sweating, aching etc.). Exercise would often bring this fatigue on, but a couple of days later, not directly after. Any build up of any physical, mental or emotional stress on the body also seemed to affect resilience, so that symptoms would re-surface as though re-activated again. 

I did manage to get through University and gain a BSC Hons degree, but it was when I started working that I really started to suffer again. I then had to stop working in my current job as I was not able to sustain energy levels needed to work effectively. The recurrent glandular fever symptoms and energy problems were very prevalent, and also digestive disturbances then became part of the picture (this seems to be evident in many cases coming through to me).

At this time I had begun reading up in scientific / medical journals about Glandular Fever / infectious mononucleosis and its post viral effects on the body, as well as looking for theories from more complimentary and alternative medicine. I had already started looking at what I was eating, as I felt that this somehow played a key part in how I felt from day to day. Food, health, fitness and human biology had always been of interest to myself as a young girl anyway. I decided to begin to study effects of food and nutrition in more detail, eventually looking at it from a more holistic viewpoint (i.e. from a more complimentary / alternative approach) rather than a traditional dietetic viewpoint i.e. not looking at just calories and the major food groups of protein, carbohydrates and fats but looking at the effects of foods and its properties on general health and energy levels.

At 29, I qualified as a Nutritional therapist / consultant, having studied for over 6 years in Nutritional therapy. I then began to plan how I would specialise in trying to help others manage their health and energy levels after glandular fever (having read in a number of studies that it is thought that 20% of those who have glandular fever never totally regain the level of health they had before the illness) - particularly, it would seem if the liver was involved during the acute stage or if the epsiode of glandular fever was particularly harsh.

At 45 I have now had my web site up and running for the last 14 years and work full time, specialising in helping those who search out my help and advice via this site. Many of you are keen sports people (some competing at a high level), many of you are teenage girls, many are young men in their 20's trying to establish a career which has been hindered by this illness, and an increasing number of you are in your 30's with young children. I also have more and more older individuals coming through to me and one or two much younger children. All, it seems, however have come down with this illness after a period of some considerable stress . . . too much sports training whilst still growing, too much work stress, school problems, relationship problems (divorce /separation), deaths in the family, other compounding problems and pressures etc etc.

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I have now helped over 1500 people since my web site was set up in 1998. In this way I have been able to provide a service that reaches those all over the world. Now with free internet telephony (using Skype) it is even easier to establish a good verbal working rapport as well! I continue to learn more and more everyday, so I can give as much advice and support as I can in encouraging patients to manage their health and energies as efficiently as possible. It is hard work on both my part ,in putting together recommendations, and the patient's part, but the end results are certainly usually worthwhile. I can put together a very individualised eating and lifestyle regime, according to symptoms and health backgrounds. Many hours are poured in to assessing each case, speaking on the phone or Skype and then putting together a set of comprehensive recommendations. Patients are encouraged to keep in e-mail contact for as long as they wish, so that they can update me with their progress and I can reply to questions, offer further suggestions etc. I also recommend other sorts of help which may be of benefit, to run alongside the eating and nutrition.

As well as this I now offer a more basic service (see glandular fever help service offered)

Many people have found my help very useful and have begun to come out of the haze of fatigue, tiredness and lethargy . . . eventually getting back to a more normal healthy existence! Some, however do struggle and in these cases I try and help support by also recommending other types of help which could be useful alongisde. I use experience from working with so many different cases, to suggest appropriate assisted help, alongside my own.

Each case is thought out and much energy is ploughed in to helping patients return to a more "normal existence." I do understand and empathise with the frustrations of on-going glandular fever troubles . . . and the isolating feeling that 'nobody else really understands' .

Due to the amount of serious responses I now receive, all my working days are spent working on glandular fever and infectious mononucleosis cases coming directly from this site.

Hope I can continue to help many more of you . . . I will certainly try my hardest to do so!

Here are just a few testimonials!

Dear Gina - thank you for all your advice and support you have given me over the last few months. Right from the first contact, you were always very postive and enthusiastic, and this really helped me. Before I contacted you, nobody really understood how I was feeling. I know there is no magical cure but you have helped me manage my health and energies, so that I can get on with a more normal life again. I now understand more about what helps and what doesn't - thank you also for giving me extra advice for other ailments I have, particularly with my digestion. Remember, I used to suffer quite a lot of bloating and IBS symptoms  . . . I don't any more . . .  your very simple remedies seemed to have improved this within a few weeks. I do appreciate all the time you put in to my case. The offer of on-going help has really been very positive and reassuring for me - someone there who understands and has been through it before. I wish you all the best as you continue to help others.  

Hi Gina - Thank you so much for helping our daughter Lauren. From being one of the brightest, sportiest girls in the 6th form, glandular fever completely wiped her out and left her with no energy or confidence. You helped us guide her through her A levels, and then take a good period of time out, stress free, following all your advice. Gradually over time we have got our old Lauren back!! She refuses to go back to her old ways of eating and has been tansformed back in to a girl who knows where she is going again. She managed to get her place at University and is back on track again. No doubt she will be taking her set of recommendations with her however - just in case she needs to check in with them! Thankfully, she does now feel more in control of her energies.

Hi Gina - remember me - I was the 15 year old swimmer you helped . . . (this young man was training every day but suddenly was unable to continue as his stength and stamina were serioulsy undermined by the after effects of glandular fever). "My dreams of being a top swimmer were shattered. Your help and support has got me back in the pool again (yes after you made us have a meeting with the coaches to impress on them how important it was to take some time out and go easier for a while!). I am now managing to cope with my full training programme again. I stick fairly rigidly to your recommendations even now, and they keep me going. Thank you so much for your other help and recommendations as well. They have helped alongside the eating advice SO MUCH. Thank you for giving me my swimming life back and for making my family happier . . . I am easier to be around now and my Mum is not continually worrying about me . . . . not all the time anyway!!"

Glandular fever help services
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What is involved and how much will it cost?
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There is no specific treatment for glandular fever (infectious mononucleosis) and its post viral after-effects and no magic miracle cure. However there are many things you can do to really try and manage your health and energies as well as you can.

Glandular Fever Help Services (est.1998) has always offered a personalised service with on-going help and support.  

Note from Gina:

I am aware that money is quite an issue in this uncertain financial climate and more of you have been reticent to pay for my full on-going support and one-to-one help (I used to charge a one off consultancy fee of 200 for this).
Also, many of you come through to me for help but then are adamant that you are eating in the right way and therefore not sure my help would be worthwhile anyway . . . although I am always desperate to tweak further and make changes here and there, even to the diets of the most knowlegable eaters amongst you!

A new service has been trialling for a couple of years, so more people can receive Gina's specialist advice and recommendations. It seems to be working really well.
After sending a summary of your glandular fever history, Gina will reply with some initial comments. If you are then interested in pursuing her help she will send you out some further comments ans thuoghts and the if you decide one of her health/symptom/energy/eating questionnaires to complete.

On checking through your details and making sure that her recommendations would be appropriate, Gina will begin to compile recomendations for you.  Personalised comments and pointers are compiled alongside detailed eating recomendations and other protocols where approriate (often put together with extra back-up support from immune specialist clinical herbalist where needed). She then keeps in contact with you over the following 9 months, checking in with you at various points along the way to see how things are going and re-looking properly again at 6 and then 9 months to see how things have worked out.
Gina does not fully charge for this service (for her time and effort in putting everything together for you, e-mailing replies, comments, assessments, on-going support etc - 10-15 hous is ploughed in to most cases) but she does ask for a one-off donation to help keep her Help Service going of 100.


Glandular fever help services
Background Info
glandular Fever symptoms
infectious mononucleosis symptoms

How I may be able to help you
treatment for glandular fever
infectious mononucleosis treatment


















Georgina A Burton

BSc Hons Dip Raw Nutritional Therapy.

BSC hons

specialising in helping those who suffer from on-going troubles with glandular fever / infectious mononucleosis, epstein barr virus and post viral fatigue











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